Heroes – Nathan – The Wizard

heroes - nathan - the wizard

The sixth and final part of the heroes series. Being the tinkerer he is, Nathan is fascinated with all things technical. He also has a natural affinity to magic, even if he is not an active spellcaster himself. In roleplay he combines both into playing a powerful cybermancer.

Today’s look

hair: Discord Design
robes: 22769
monocle: Contraption
hand: Grollwerk
make-up: Nuuna

Today’s set

skybox: Abiss
magic effect: my own
pose: [hate this]

Heroes – Moran – The Ranger

heroes - moran - the ranger

The fifth picture of the heroes series. In Moran’s life, technology plays a major part. In roleplay, he would take the opportunity to play something entirely different – an elven ranger.

Today’s look:

hair/hairbase: Sadistic Hacker
eyes: Gotha
ears: 22769
outfit: FATEwear
mask: Illusions
antlers: europa
weapons: Losthaven

Today’s set:

forest: Garden of Dreams
pose: [hate this]

Heroes – Leon – The Paladin

heroes - leon - the paladin

The fourth picture of the heroes series.
Leon’s character is a corrupted paladin, constantly fighting his dark side and trying to overcome it to heal the wounded, protect the weak and helpless and do a good deed every day.
Leon is a very good-hearted man, but he has a bit of a reputation of being a coward (which he’s not, he’s just careful). A strong, heavily armoured fighter and healer is the perfect choice for him, but there needs to be a twist to keep the character interesting enough to challenge Leon’s wit and intelligence.

Today’s look:

armor & demonic arm: Losthaven
sword: Illusions

Today’s set:

ruins: MV (old hunt gift)
pose: [hate this]

Heroes – Ion – The Monk

heroes - ion - the monk

The third picture of the heroes series. And because it was so fitting, an attempt at the haiku meme (ok, this is not exactly how it was intented, it’s about this picture, not my SL in general, but well, I tried.):

At dawn, a young monk
Training hard to become strong.
Tea awaits inside.

Ion’s character of choice is the monk. Ion has more than often been the victim of bullies at school and is not one for violence himself. He would love to be strong enough to defend himself if needed, but would much rather avoid conflict at all.

Today’s look:

hairbase: No.07
war paint: R&A Tattoos
outfit: Barerose

Today’s set:

temple: 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
tea set: L&K prefabs
other furniture & deco: Sway's
pose: [hate this]

Heroes – Corvus – The Barbarian

heroes - corvus - the barbarian

The second part of the heroes series. Corv’s character of choice would be the barbarian.

Despite the fact, Corvus is all fluff and purrs, one should not forget he is a tiger, not a housecat. Unlike his feral conspecifics, however, he has a choice between following his instincts or acting reasonable. And usually, he chooses to be a friendly kitteh.

But in roleplay, even he cannot resist the urge to follow his dark, wild instincts. This is why the barbarian would be the perfect class for him.

Today’s look

outfit & axe: Losthaven

Today’s set

skybox: Rustica
grass: Garden of Dreams
pose: [hate this]

Heroes – Marten – The Assassin

marten - the assassin

The first part of a series of six, showing roleplay characters in their typical poses.

Today’s look:

hair: Exile / Sadistic Hacker (heavily modified)
top: FATEwear
trousers: 22769
shoes: Gabriel (MOH gift)
blades: Losthaven (modified)

Today’s set:

skybox: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] (Fantasy Faire)
pose: [hate this]