The Outcast

the outcast 1

the outcast 2

today's outfit:

shape: my own
skin: Hermony
hands & feet: Slink
eyes: Amitomo
scars: Ghurab
bandages: 7mad Ravens
turban: Pucca Firecaster Creations
mask: Contraption
coat: Peqe
sleeves: Silentsparrow
pants: Deadwool
sandals: FLite
pet: Aii
today's set:

skybox: Rustica
trees & kettle: Dysfunctional Designs
grass: Forest Feast
ferns: Envisage Limitless
campfire, logs and cattails: Botanical
bed: Sway's
map: Floorplan
stool & fruit bowl: 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
tea set: Kuro
guitar: ur favorite one
statue: Chariot
columns: Atelier Visconti
pose: Flash Friendly Poses

At Home – The Truth is out there…

at home - the truth is out there

Today's set:

22769 ~ [bauwerk]
Dysfunctional Designs
Intrigue Co.
Second Spaces
Seven Emporium
Standby Inc.
Trompe Loeil

At Home – Morocco

at home - morocco

Today's set

skybox, bench, tea set: 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
lamp (right): Kuro
plant (left): Aria
plant (right), rug, backgammon table: Apple Fall
chess set: {theosophy}
books: Pilot
pouf & vases: Cleo Design
daybed, magazines, tray, lamp (left): Sway's

Moran – No Place like Home

moran - no place like homeHave you ever heard of the metaphor that compares your mind with a house? I’m pretty sure, mine would be a mix of a dusty old attic and a maze. And you could meet all kinds of odd folks in there.

Today’s look:

hair/hairbase: Discord Designs
goggles: Remarkable Oblivion
mask: Death Row Designs (FaMESHed)
wings: [ContraptioN] (Oh My Gacha)
tattoo: Fallen Gods Inc.
bandages: BareRose
gloves: Deco
pants/boots: The Forge (We <3 Roleplay)

Today’s set:

building: Kuro
bookshelf/door: Digs
cupboard: Second Spaces
typewriter: Kopi
owl: +Half-Deer+
pipe shelf: Eleventh Hour
dress forms: Lark
back brace: [ht+]
chair: Art Dummy
piano: Alouette
lamp: Pilot
picture frames: Floorplan
cables: DBy Mesh

pose: Expressive Poses (free)

Ion – Appareo Socolata

ion - appareo socolataAs the clever boy he is, Ion is all for the pratical uses of magic. This time, his spell may have backfired a bit, though. Chocolate, anyone?
(P.S.: don’t blame me for my Latin, it’s been years)

Today’s look:

hat: Remarkable Oblivion (Oh My Gacha)
cat: !Ohmai
robes outfit & wand: FATEPlay
shoe: [Valiant]
cast: [ht+]

Today’s set:

skybox: [Poetica]
alchemy table, chair, chocolate table, open book: 
22769 ~ [bauwerk] (Fantasy Gacha Fair, Candy Fair)
cat doll: Ador & Abhor / Mabinogion (We <3 Roleplay)
masks: La Noir Soleil (Nevermore Trick or Treat Trail Hunt)
books: Lark
cage: Zenith (The Chapter Four)
book with skull: Ispachi (free gift)
cauldron & alembic table: Two Cats One Cup (We <3 Roleplay)
ouija board: Conspiracy Theory

Ion – Lord of the Boards

ion - lord of the boards 1ion - lord of the boards 2ion - lord of the boards 3

skybox: {vespertine}

1st picture
rug: 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
longboards: Standby Inc.
shelf, deco on shelf & cookies: [CIRCA]
blinds: LISP
plant: Dutchie
raven plushie: ~silentsparrow~
roller skates: The Secret Store
board bench, lamp, bricks & graffiti: <:*BoOgErS*:> (The Challenge)
giraffe toy: <:*BoOgErS*:>
crutches: [ht+]
rack: [Avoid] (modified)
snowboards & snowboard gear: Remarkable Oblivion (The Arcade)
skateboard bag: Action
lion plushie: Adore & Abhor
crocodile plushie: d-lab
slippers: Tabloid
other shoes & boots: Deco
bed, ergonomic chair & posters: [hate this] (The Challenge)
computer: ~Bazar~
papers: Second Spaces (The Arcade)
cat: Schadenfreude (The Arcade)
lava lamp: Naked Mesh (The Challenge)
skateboard: Apple Fall
speakers: PRIME (The Challenge)

2nd picture
faces lamp: Conspiracy Theory
posters: Naked Mesh (The Challenge)
shelf: Cheeky Pea
brain lamp: Atelier Visconti
chinese food, meteor rug, arcade machine, 
locker & robot artwork: 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
magazines: ChiC buildings (The Challenge)
table: PRIME (The Challenge)
comic books: [ a.e.meth ]
paint: Second Spaces (The Arcade)
armchair, end table & deco on end table: Collage
cat on end table: Schadenfreude (The Arcade)
night light: Intrigue Co. (The Arcade)
bike: {what next}
rug (in corridor): ~BAZAR~
plant: Dutchie
lamp & screen: Kuro (The Challenge)
blankets & ladder: Zigana

3rd picture:
hair: Dura
hairbase: Exile
ears & piercings: the HV
top: Ispachi
gloves: Shi (The Arcade)
pants: 22769
boot: Deco
cast: [ht+]

At Home – Ebony & Ivory

at home - B&W 1at home - B&W 2at home - B&W 3Todays’s set:

picture 1:

sofa, black curtains, side tables & decor: 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
vases: Dysfunctional Designs
lamp: Senzafine

picture 2:

curtains & black vase: 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
complete living room: Upper Room

picture 3:
bed, magazines, books: 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
screen, lanterns, bedside tables: Prime
table, vase with flowers: Cleo Design
armchair & black vases [CIRCA]
ceiling lamps: Piddler's Perch
typewriter: floorplan
mannequin: Schadenfreude
cat: Shop Seu
coat hanger: Lithium
bathrobe & towels: Dutchie

skybox, rugs in pics 2 & 3, storage boxes in pic 3: [hate this]