The new flickr

First of all, my paw says hi!
That’s why I didn’t really plan to write a blog post today. I considered Berry’s new teach me something meme, but didn’t really know what to write about.

But now that everyone is raging about the new flickr layout, I thought I could make a super quick tutorial on how to kinda get back to the old look and feel. It’s really simple.

Ok, now here’s my new flickr start page. Just click “Edit” in order to get back to the old look of the page.

After you clicked “Edit”, this is what your page will look like:


Maybe I should add, this is really meant as an option to edit names and descriptions of your pics and not as an alternate way of viewing them. But for me, it does have all the information I want to see – faves and views, not just comments, for example. Now that I know where it is, I can live with the new look of flickr.

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