Allow me to introduce… Moran


Name: unknown, goes by Moran
Age: unknown, probably early 20s
Born: unknown
Occupation: hacker

Moran is not paranoid – they are after him. Being an elite hacker, however, he knows how to cover his tracks. Quietly, he moves from one place to another, while he recovers from an assault he barely survived.

He’d call it a stroke of bad luck and shrug it off with half a smile. Does he know who is after him? Certainly. Does he know why? No.

Moran suffered severe amnesia due to his injuries. All he remembers are his hacking skills, and he is fluent in both English and Russian.

Now, Moran is using his skills to comb through the most secret parts of the grid, hoping to find a trace of his former self.

OOC information:

Moran’s name was taken from the Sherlock Holmes books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sebastian Moran is the right hand of Holmes’s arch-enemy, Professor Moriarty. The original, Hebrew meaning of the name is “teacher”. Both do not have anything to do with “my” Moran as a character, I just liked the name.

Moran’s basic looks:

skin, shape & eyes: TheAbyss

Today’s look:

top: monso
pants: Neurolab Inc.
shoes: Reek
beard: Antebellum
cigarette: Action
broken nose: flitink
bandages: The Box
arm cast: [ht+]

Today’s set:

skybox: Cargo Co.
couch & laptop: Meshworx
ashtray: Action
fan: LISP
pizza & beer: Dutchie
car door: Apple Fall