Marten – Alive

marten - alive 1

marten - alive 2

marten - alive 3

statue: meadowWorks
tattoo: [hate this]
wings: BareRose
pose: Expressive Poses

Leon – One Moment

leon - one moment

Leon is enjoying a rare moment at home, relaxing from his busy job at the hospital.

Today’s look:

outfit: Kauna
boots: *X*plosion

Today’s set:

skybox: Barnesworth Anubis
chair: Kuro
side table: Elate!
flamingo: Zigana
plants: Bazar, Dutchie's, LISP, Rustica
donuts: Breno
juice: ToRiCo
table (inside): Pilot
picutre (inside): what next

Geanna Lanley kindly let me take part in her 100 Faces project and took an amzing portrait of Leon: 100 Faces 81 Thank you again, Geanna!

Chanda – Demonstrations

chanda - demoThose of you who know me from plurk, may have read one of my rants about skin demos. I will try not to let this post end in a rant, but I would like to say a few words about demos, especially skin demos.
Above you see an example of a great skin demo, the way it should be in my opinion – I hope, Izzie doesn’t mind me using her work as a positive example.

I will not show any pictures for negative examples – I don’t want to diss any hard working creator, even if they made a poor choice for their demos.

What I am talking about, are demos that are covered in lines or even grids from head to toe. Of course, I do understand creators want to protect their work from thieves and keep people from using the demo skin, instead of buying the actual one.
But when a skin is totally covered, you can’t make out the fine details. And it’s those details that are the most important to me. I am always searching for “the” skin for one of my characters. Once I found it, they usually stick to it for a long time, or at least to the same skin maker.
Most of the time, the lines cover the seams between different parts of the texture as well. In other words, it makes it harder to see if a skin is well-made or not. Now, I am prepared to pay a fair price for a well-made skin I like. But if I am going to spend that much money, I expect to be able to see the quality and details before my purchase.

Before this really turns into a rant, here’s another picture of Chanda wearing an entirely new look, which is quite unusual for her.

chanda - demo outfit

skin: Izzie's (The Dressing Room Fusion)
hair: LoQ (Marketplace promo)
top: Sey
pants: Boom (The Dressing Room Fusion)
earring: Glow Studio (The Dressing Room Fusion)
necklace: Kosh
poses: Adorkable (closing inworld soon! check out their sale!)

At Home – Voronoi House

voronoi4It’s been a week since I introduced my own home in SecondLife here. I decided to turn this into a recurring format, focusing my Sunday posts on houses, furniture, gardening or landscaping items. For issue #2 of “At Home” I have a real treat!

voronoi1I don’t want to say much about the events overshadowing the Home & Garden Expo. In my opinion, mistakes have been made on different ends. But that is no reason to punish hard-working creators of unique and original content.

voronoi2Personally, I love modern, industrial styles. I could imagine Leon living in a house like that. He would definitely put his grand piano in a prominent place. Next to a somewhat comfortable couch or bed and a few interesting books, it is all he needs to feel at home.

voronoi3Leon’s taste and his needs are simple, yet sophoisticated. And, frankly, who would not love to wake up to a view like this?

house: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] (Home & Garden Expo)

furniture & deco: 11th Hour, 22769 ~ [bauwerk], Apple Fall, Bazar, Breno, Dutchie, KOSH, lame, LISP, Meshworx, Pilot, Sway’s, theosophy

Copy right, copy wrong

There is a lot of talk about copyright infringements in SecondLife going on at the moment. This brought me to check some of the things in my store – I had some stuff based on movie posters from vintage horror movies. Had? Yes, I removed them from my range. Same other items using artworks I haven’t made.
At the time I made these things, I believed, these images were under public domain. But I could not find any proof, other than a few fan-made websites that claimed they were.

I hope, past and unintended infringements will be forgiven. As a content creator today, I strive to make everything I can myself and from scratch, with as litle outside resources as possible. If I use any resources today, I double-check I am allowed to use them.

As a creator, I also don’t quite get why some people in SL work hard to create exact copies of branded RL products. With their skill, they could most probably create their own designs at the same level of quality and sell them without risking any trouble.

Now, personally, I do understand why someone would like to wear a t-shirt of their favourite band in SL, or upload the texture of an artwork they admire, to hang it on the wall of their virtual home.
The folks behind the World Goth Fair did a great thing, actually asking their favourite bands if it’s ok to use their band logos and artworks – and it seems they got quite a few positive answers. That’s the way to go, in my book! (Anyone got a spare male Cruxshadows shirt? Hehehe)

To take a bit of heat out of today’s discussions on Plurk, Paco Pooley suggested to come up with fictional bands and make posters and album covers for them.
Now, those of you who know me a little bit know, I’m always up for fun and a bit of a challenge, so here we go!

I proudly present the Free Elven Roaming Troubadours and their latest album, Snoos. Featuring their #1 smash hit – “Shädder in the Mirröhrs”. Now live on tour, starting 2-27-69.

Free Elven Roaming Troubadours Cover

Free Elven Roaming Troubadours 3

tour bus: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] (Home & Garden Expo)

Ion – Downtown

ion - downtown

Like all kids, Ion doesn’t always do what he’s supposed to. He loves to roam around and enter parts of town in which a rich boy isn’t exactly safe. The “cool” kids at school talked him into exploring some of the derelict buildings there. Ion sure doesn’t like to be called a coward and looks ready for adventure.

His outfit is a bit of a mix between old and new. Old favourites – like the collar. And new items, like the skinny pants from Ispachi, which replaced the texture layer jeans I previously used for the outfit. Both the shoes and hoodie were among the first mesh items I ever bought, and I still like them a lot.

The hair is modified – I bought it both in black and platinum and replaced some of the black strands around the front with platinum ones, which I tinted red. I’ve done pretty much the same (minus the red tint) with Leon’s hair, too. Depending on the hairstyle, it’s quite a bit of work, but I’m happy the result in both cases.

Today’s look:

hair: Dura (mod)
hoodie: Dirty Lynx
pants: Ispachi (The Liasion Collaborative)
shoes: Super Kingodm
collar: The GL
Pose: Oracul (from AO)
location: TheFlowout.

The new flickr

First of all, my paw says hi!
That’s why I didn’t really plan to write a blog post today. I considered Berry’s new teach me something meme, but didn’t really know what to write about.

But now that everyone is raging about the new flickr layout, I thought I could make a super quick tutorial on how to kinda get back to the old look and feel. It’s really simple.

Ok, now here’s my new flickr start page. Just click “Edit” in order to get back to the old look of the page.

After you clicked “Edit”, this is what your page will look like:


Maybe I should add, this is really meant as an option to edit names and descriptions of your pics and not as an alternate way of viewing them. But for me, it does have all the information I want to see – faves and views, not just comments, for example. Now that I know where it is, I can live with the new look of flickr.