Tools of the Trade

ion - cartoon

A few people have asked me how I work. Now, I don’t want to publish a tutorial or anything. I don’t think, I am that good anyways. But I have rarely seen anything on other blogs about the inworld and external tools people use for their pictures.

First of all, the SecondLife viewer. I use Firestorm most of the time, occasionally Nirans Viewer. I have a good gaming PC that allows me to set my inworld graphics to customised Ultra settings, even for every day use. I have avatar physics and avatar cloth turned off permanently, set my view distance down to 128 (unless taking landscape pictures) and I only turn on depth of field if I need it – it would make me dizzy if I’d use it all the time.

Every picture begins with an idea. Unless it is to create promotional pictures or vendors for my own products, I rarely take pictures just to show off a certain look. Usually, I want to create a certain mood, sometimes tell a whole story. Of course, that doesn’t work out all the time…

First of all, I try to find a suitable spot, or I simply go to my own photo studio. Next, I play around with poses and camera angles until I can feel, I’m “getting there.” Last, but not least, I fiddle with windlight settings until I’m as close to the mood I am after.
A little fine-tuning on camera position, pose and expression later, the picture is done.
To adjust poses, I use Animare. For facial expressions, eye positioning and hand pose, I use the AnyPose Expression HUD.

Next I take the picture to photoshop for post-processing. Usually, I do as little on the photo as possible, especially when it comes to vendor pictures. Ideally, I only crop the picture and do some minor adjustments on contrast and color balance.

I use a wacom intuos4 tablet, but as you will probably agree with Ion, my drawing skills are more than… lacking.

Today’s outfit:

hair: Gauze
top & shorts: 22769
backpack: Kal Rau
skateboard: Action
pose: [hate this]

Everything else was used in previous posts.